FIFA President Sepp Blatter Must Red Card World Cup Song “We Are One”

Brazilian soccer great Pele

The new 2014 World Cup song may even have Brazilian soccer great Pele wincing.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter must immediately take one of the personal red cards out of his professionally tailored suit pocket.

The 78-year-old international football honcho needs to book the bumbling blokes that produced the official FIFA 2014 World Cup song.

“We Are One” (Ole Ola) hit the web yesterday before its anticipated May 12th release and quickly garnered 4 million YouTube hits.

However, the reaction to the 3:47 dance song, featuring Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian diva Claudia Leitte, failed to find widespread acceptance among international football fans.

Eager to hear the next worldwide smash hit, expectant fans reacted negatively to the new World Cup theme song.

Fans’s comments on the web mirrored the same underwhelming way quizzical players responded to the introduction of the Adidas Jubalani used at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Others, like me, immediately found the song as irritating as the scores of shrill vuvuzelas blasting away at the 2010 games in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town four years ago.

Still others joked that they witnessed Pele wincing, the girl from Ipimena scowling and the beloved Christ the Redeemer statue covering his ears as he stood atop Mount Corcavado with outstretched arms overlooking the beaches of Rio de Janiero.

The new disjointed World Cup theme song should have been better, much better.

With international stars like Pitbull and Lopez, the lyrics should have been more discernible and the muddied stadium sounds in the background less intrusive.

The song confused me with the unnecessary Pitbull echoing. It also appeared to be a medley of three individual songs crammed into one, screaming for more time in the editing room.

Fans will struggle to sing along. Plus, some may need to nap during the seemingly endless four minute song.

Like the infrastructure challenges that Brazil faces to prepare for the June kick-off of the world’s biggest sport’s spectacle, the “We Are One” song needs more work, too.

That’s why FIFA President Sepp Blatter needs to red card the official new World Cup song to actually, as the lyrics go, “show the world we are one,” in liking it!

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