2 Cent Tuesday: My Favorite Sportscasters PTI’s Wilbon & Kornheiser

ESPN's PTIToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog declares my favorite sportscasters of all-time: PTI’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon.

ESPN claims that these sparring sportscasters have made PTI, or Pardon The Interruption, the most successful show of its kind in sports television history.

No surprise here!

Without doubt, PTI features two of the brightest and most entertaining former sportswriters who’ve ever found their way into a television broadcast studio.

“Let Me ‘Axe’ You Something”

So, as Tony Kornheiser likes to say, “Let me axe you something.”

Can any sports fan possibly name a better sports talk show?

What American sports fan doesn’t tune into PTI while preparing their nightly meal?

And, to borrow another likeable line from the show, “who’s ya boy!”

Is it Tony or Michael? Or, like me, are you a fan of them both, but not necessarily at the same time?

Who doesn’t side with the snarky Kornheiser one night only to flip-flop and support the more polished Wilbon the next night?

ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption Debuted in 2001

Since Pardon the Interruption debuted in October, 2001, the dueling duo has recorded more than 2,500 thirty minute episodes in a studio decked out with cardboard cutouts, bobble heads and memorabilia of famous sports celebrities.

Kornheiser and Wilbon agreed in May 2014 to continue their colorful quarreling and non-stop banter about sports for another few years.

Both signed multi-year contract extensions with ESPN and will host the network’s PTI program as well as contribute in other ways.

The razor sharp team also forms my #2 pick in my new sports comic book Favorite Sportscasters. Simply click HERE to safely download from Amazon.

PTI’s Kornheiser & Wilbon Entertain, Educate & Energize

The Kornheiser and Wilbon PTI pair entertains, educates and energizes sports conversation each night with dinner time commentary on ESPN.

These talking heads are smart, savvy and well versed about all things pertaining to sports. Each cut his teeth in sports journalism at the Washington Post.

Born in 1958, the Northwestern alum Wilbon retired from The Post in December 2010 after decades covering college, MLB, NBA, NFL, Super Bowls and 10 Olympic Games.

In addition, Wilbon penned a column about the culture of sports for the Washington Post. He’s also edited Charles Barkley’s two latest books Who’s Afraid of a Big Black Man and I May be Wrong But I Doubt It. Both books were New York Times bestsellers.

The elder Kornheiser (born in 1948) graduated from Binghamton University and got his start in journalism writing for Newsday in New York and then the New York Times before honing his craft as an opinionated, sarcastic columnist with a touch of humor for the Washington Post.

Kornheiser also enjoyed national fame for two years in the broadcast booth on ESPN Monday Night Football. He still hosts his own radio show and retired as a writer and columnist after spending 20 years with the Post.

Peppered by clever questions by straight man Tony Reali, Kornheiser and Wilbon play off each other perfectly in the ESPN studio. They add insight, angst and color to expertly scripted segments Mail Time, Toss Up and Over / Under.

PTI is emblematic of bar room banter, work place chatter and casual conversation about sports covering all walks of life in America.

Sports fans may not like Kornheiser (which I can totally understand) or Wilbon (which I can’t fathom at all), but everyone agrees this pair knows its stuff.

Researched, passionate and poise, they deliver sports debate better than any duo in the broadcast booth.

As Wilbon said, “Tony and I agree more than we disagree,” he said. “We just get there loudly.”

Wilbon is absolutely correct. So, don’t forget that, Knuckleheads!

And, that’s my thoughts for this 2 Cents Tuesday!

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