ESPN’s Ian Darke: The Velvet Voice of the 2014 World Cup

FIFA announcer Ian darke

ESPN Announcer Ian Darke

The velvet voice of international football’s (soccer’s) Ian Darke may still not be as universally popular in the United States as in other parts of the globe.

However, thanks to a new ESPN commercial, filmed in collaboration with the creative agency The Vault, Darke should immediately become better known in scores of American households in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil this June.

With a fantastic facility for words, this famous British broadcaster is beloved by soccer enthusiasts around the world.

In most parts of the planet, Darke’s international football fluency and legendary quintessentially British delivery mirror the enormous popularity of American born sportscasters Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Chris Berman, Vin Scully and Charles Barkley.

With the rapid, continued growth of soccer predicted here in the USA, so is the ascent of the sport’s premier sportscaster.

Darke’s broadcasting aplomb, coupled with excellent elocution and enunciation, make him ESPN’s perfect pick as the voice of their extended 2014 World Cup coverage.

ESPN’s clever commercial hints at Darke’s witty humor as well as his deft and brilliant understated delivery.

The razor sharp soccer sportscaster’s command of the English language as well as his poetic depictions of simple plays on the pitch make the soccer viewing experience that much more enjoyable. Fans will equate Darke’s delivery with Shakespearean like references.

With a microphone in Darke’s hand, the beautiful game sounds even more exquisite. Darke’s famous expressions like “a rapier thrust on the break” to describe a strong counter attack sounds like William the Braveheart leading the charge. His describing “football in a phone booth” immediately provides a spot on word picture of improper spacing on the pitch.

To him, a quick, easy pass made to look simple is a gentle flick. A great defender can pick the locks of any defense. And, contesting every blade of grass or straining every sinew are Darke’s way of translating for American viewers that the players are giving 100%.

Darke brings to life the eccentric terminology of international football.
His British syllabication (agane for again and bean for been) will have viewers mimicking him minutes into a match.

Plus, Darke’s eloquent vocabulary provides the ideal translation of weighted passes, clean sheets, equalizing goals, shots on frame, splashy kits, faster pace and bringing sides level in a way an uninitiated American audience can appreciate.

Ian Master is a master of his craft in international soccer reporting.

Expect an American viewing public to soon acknowledge this golden voice in the broadcasting booth.

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