ESPN Should Swap Doris Burke for Mark Jackson During NBA Playoffs

NBA announcer Doris Burke

ESPN’s Doris Burke

The NBA player trade deadline may have long passed; however, NBA related deal making should continue away from the hardwood.

Today, it should take place in the broadcast booth.

ESPN should swap two announcers that are currently covering the 2014 NBA Playoffs?

ESPN needs to trade Mark Jackson for Doris Burke straight up.

No announcers to be named later. No salary cap considerations. No future draft picks. No medical exams. No contingencies.

Just swap them straight up – now!

It irked me again last night during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat to witness Doris Burke, one of the best basketball analysts on the planet, relegated to intermittent sideline reporting.

At the same time, newly fired NBA head coach Mark Jackson found himself given the microphone and ushered into a court side seat next to Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen to call the playoff game.

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Burke is articulate. Jackson is not.

Burke will smile. Jackson looks like he’s sucking on lemons.

Burke stands confidently with shoulders straight, while a miffed Jackson glowers over Van Gundy and Breen. He preens as if a giant chip still rests on his shoulder from his recent dismissal by the Golden State Warriors.

Burke speaks eloquently as if she wants to give back. Jackson mumbles and sounds like he wants to get back at those responsible for his firing or others who questioned his coaching ability.

Burke seems happy and grateful to be given the ESPN gig. Jackson looks sullen and irritated, anxiously waiting to bolt the broadcast booth for his next coaching job.

Yes, ESPN must make the trade immediately because it’ll benefit both parties.

Jackson will be better served because he won’t be constantly reminded that his former talent rich Warriors team was already eliminated from this year’s playoffs and that he’s no longer employed as its NBA coach.

Viewers will be better entertained because Burke’s confidence, strength and talent as a broadcast are immediately evident.

And, Burke will flourish because her spot on basketball commentary and keen insight augment the viewing experience of any basketball fan tuning into the telecast.

Polished and poised, she’s recognized as a pioneer in the broadcast booth, rising to the top of her profession among her peers, male and female. She holds the resume to prove it.

While smashing through the glass ceiling in pro basketball reporting, Burke has emerged as a top basketball analyst at ESPN. The network even named her studio host along with Jalen Rose and Avery Johnson on the network’s KIA NBA Countdown.

Burke may not possess the NBA resume of Mark Jackson, but she’s got the sports casting props that make her a perfect fit for the job.

Okay, ESPN, make the Burke for Jackson trade.

And, hurry up. Game 3 is tomorrow night in Miami.

MIKE – thee ultimate head on sports!

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