The Electric Company Turned on the Juice: #23 in Best Sports Quotes

NFL Electric Company

Buffalo Bills Offensive Line

“The Electric Company turned on the Juice!” ~ said Buffalo Bills fans and NFL media 40 years ago.

At #23 in Best Sports Quotes, the Buffalo Bills’ The Electric Company credits its genesis of “turning on the Juice” from their city’s incandescent lighting history and hydro-electric power plants.

As a testament to the city’s industrial might, the Bills’ famous and talented NFL offensive line of the early 1970’s was widely celebrated as The Electric Company.

Sportswriters credited The Electric Company with “turning on the Juice;” i.e. NFL Hall of Fame running back OJ Simpson.

Ironically, in a city known for its power plants, the Buffalo Bills became the first NFL franchise to turn on the proverbial Juice.

The star running back recognized the power of the team’s offensive line and attributed his amazing rushing success to the massive guys who blocked for him.

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