Big ESPN Mistake Naming Drake 2014 ESPY Awards Host

ESPN ESPY AwardsAubrey Drake Graham, aka Drake, hosted the 22nd annual ESPY Awards at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles last night.

ESPN’s decision to have Drake host the sports world’s most recognized awards show led many sports fans like me to speculate.

Did ESPN drop the ball in asking a non-athlete and relatively unknown entertainer with a readily apparent insecurity of aligning himself with A-list sports celebrities to host a major event that reached 25 million+ households?


In naming Drake host, ESPN just didn’t fumble the football here in the open field with no tacklers in sight. The sports media giant booted a lightly hit two hop grounder, air-balled a wide open layup and clanged the puck off the post of a wide open net.

Though slick and poised for a 27 year-old, the recording artist, rapper and actor failed to establish credibility and carry the weight that the wonderful awards show warrants.

Drake’s schtick just didn’t cut it as viewers could easily see right through the young man’s thin veneer of desperately pining attention from a national television audience.

ESPN allowed too much time on the self-aggrandizing Drake’s antics and short changed viewers the opportunity to see more of the athletes they love away from the field, court, pitch, diamond or ice.

Widely regarded as a jock sniffing, jump on the bandwagon of whatever team is cresting at the moment super fan, the self-absorbed Drake lacked credibility.

In spite of a cock sure persona, Drake could not carry the mantle as ESPY host. Viewers snickered at his purported close personal relationships with Lebron James, Johnny Manziel, John Calipari, Kevin Durant, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and others.

Drake failed to captivate an audience looking for smart entertainment. His infatuation with WNBA beauty Skylar Diggans came across as creepy, while his sophomoric skit with recalcitrant Chris Brown lacked relevance for a sports awards show.

While it was readily evident that Drake could carry a tune, his snarky “Side Pieces” song lampooning widespread philandering of so many of today’s athletes was totally inappropriate and not funny.

The only thing that could have made the night worse, and further detracted from ailing Stuart Scott’s spectacular speech, would have been giving Drake the microphone to sing one of his songs.

The handsome Drake’s ugly song lyrics would have awakened all sleeping FCC censors and his misogynistic, racially offensive and guttural lyrics would have further sullied the night and stolen the joy from so many worthy athletes being honored.

For a better ESPY Awards in 2015, ESPN needs to dunk Drake, dub a more seasoned, savvy and popular host who better represents the special night the ESPY Awards has become and allow Drake time to find and sniff the jock of the newest superstar in sports!

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