Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning: Better QB or Comedic Actor?

MIKE Comic 117 Peyton ManningOver the past two weeks, nearly every NFL fan in America has watched Peyton Manning perform brilliantly on television as a comedic actor and product spokesman.

Tomorrow night, a global television audience will witness whether the same Denver Broncos’ QB can play well enough on the football field to become the first ever NFL QB to lead two different teams to Super Bowl victories.

Fresh from enjoying the greatest passing season in NFL history, Peyton Manning threw for an astounding 55 touchdown passes and more 5,477 yards. The Sporting News recently named him the 2013 NFL Offensive Player of the Year.

Amazingly, Manning’s lore on the gridiron is paralleled by his excellence as a likeable, trusted advertising spokesperson. His DBI rating, that’s the independent rating index that captures consumers’ perception of athletes, is equally as impressive as his NFL QB rating.

The Marketing Arm in Texas ranks Manning’s DBI at 86% among athletes. That’s third in sports behind Kobe Bryant at 90% and LeBron James at 87%. Consumers view Manning as totally genuine.

It’s no wonder why he makes $10M+ per year in endorsements for brands like DirecTV, Gatorade, Papa John’s Buick and Sony.

Marlene Morris Towns, teaching professor of marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, says even casual NFL fans like her know Manning and like him.

“Peyton Manning is one of those players, personalities that I think really transcends football,” Towns says. “He’s become a figure in popular culture, aside from purely marketing.”

In addition to regularly seeing Manning in various television commercials leading up to this weekend’s Super Bowl, fans also watched his gut busting gag at a kids’ playground on Thursday’s Saturday Night Live Super Bowl special.

Along with Sandra Bullock in a satirical spoof of the hit movie The Blind Side, Manning also scored big.

Peyton’s popularity off the field will more than likely have football fans cheering for him on the field tomorrow night in New Jersey.

Here’s hoping the Denver Broncos’ offensive line protects Manning’s actual blind side during tomorrow’s game against the vaunted Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom defense.

Otherwise, the Broncos’ QB may prefer pitching Papa John’s pizza in a television commercial instead of protecting himself from Seattle’s pass rush in a collapsed pocket on the football field.

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