Decoding NFL Draft Language

NFL Draft LanguageWhen organizing its first draft in 1936, the NFL never imagined how successful its new event would become.

Nor did the NFL realize its growing sport would spawn its own unique language complete with idiomatic phrases determining the future fortunes of  first round picks.

As the most televised non-athletic athletic on the planet, the NFL Draft calls for expert analysis like never before.

Once again, ESPN and NFL Network analysts will be called upon to expertly decode NFL Draft Day language.

These pigskin pundits will dissect dozens of NFL prospects parading across the stage in New York City while translating NFL Draft Speak into everyday language.

These famous football talking heads will endlessly debate who will be this year’s top pick until Commissioner Roger Goodell announces tomorrow, “With the number one pick in the NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…”

Deem which sleeper will make the biggest jump up the board on Draft Day.

Distinguish between the speculation of a Mel Kiper Jr. Mock Draft and the certainty of the actual NFL Draft, while forecasting the futures of those who will figure prominently in next season’s NFL Fantasy Draft.

Differentiate between projected draft busts and draft blunders.

Brag about a team’s best draft bargain and boast about this year’s draft’s biggest bleepin’ steal.

Destine if the NFL Combine’s best Workout Warriors increased their draft stock more

Debate the salary cap considerations of NFL teams looking to trade up because they need a Cover 2 CB, a run stopper in the middle, or a game changer on the edge.

Dissect the times of certain first round picks in the 3 cone drill, 40 yard dash or 60 yard shuttle run.

Diagnose which QB prospects produce best in pocket or on a roll-out.

Decipher which players performed best on Pro Day, which were clueless at the Combine, and which diamonds in the rough will surprise on Draft Day.

Decree which rising stars excelled in their Cybex Strength tests, which brainiacs ranked highest in football smarts and sadly which dopes disappointed in their obligatory NFL drug tests.

Discuss why the dubious distinction of Mr. Irrelevant, the final pick of the NFL Draft, is really not a bad thing after all.

Sure, the idiomatic language of the NFL Draft may seem foreign to some. And yes, it may be confusing to the uninitiated.

But, let the football experts decode football’s most popular non-athletic telecast and help average football fans achieve their own personal Wonderlic best.

That way, the NFL Draft Day language of painstakingly probing player prospects who never even put on the pads on April 30, 2015 will be easily understood by all.

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