Deadly Sports Stuff: NFL Coffin Corner

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Football’s Coffin Corner

The sports world is preoccupied with death.

The deadly language of sports is absolutely lethal. It permeates the entire landscape of sports.

Grim jargon and murderous mumbling in sports doesn’t stop with just a handful of carcinogenic cliches.

Toxic titles are foisted upon famous teams like Doomsday Defense.

They’re given to aggressive players like The Cannibal.

And, they’re even emblazoned on college stadiums like Death Valley.

In spite of these notorious names, we accept them, along with other widespread mortal murmurings, as part of our country’s accepted sports culture.

But, don’t blame me for the deadly diatribe.

Register responsibility with the media for the morbid manner it reports on NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and FIFA action.

Yes, unrelenting mortal utterances are ubiquitous.

I laugh when I see how completely the media’s shroud of deadly clichés, references and expressions envelop sports in our society.

That’s why I wrote my new sports comic book Deadly Sports Stuff.

MIKE Top 10 Book 7 Deadly Sports StuffHere’s a chapter excerpt on Coffin Corner from Deadly Sports Stuff.


…..Wedged between the end zone pylon and the 5 yard line of any football field sits a small area of turf.

It’s cleverly called Coffin Corner.

Along with sudden death overtimes, suicide squeeze plays, killer curve balls, deadly three point shooters and linemen who bury quarterbacks, this phrase further supports my claim: The lethal language of sports is riddled with references to death.

Buried in the #9 spot in Deadly Sports Stuff, Coffin Corner comes into play whenever a punter attempts to kick the football out of bounds between the 5 yard line and the end zone.

This risky directional kick can result in very bad field position for the receiving team. A successful Coffin Corner punt can dramatically limit the opposition’s field position by pinning their offense just outside its own end zone.

Oft overlooked, precise punters have proven to be valuable special team players for their squads.

Former NFL punters Sean Landeta and Jeff Feagles lasted 19 and 22 years, respectively, in the league because of incredible hang times on their punts and their skill to place punts in Coffin Corner. Feagles retired as the NFL’s greatest punter ever with 71,211 total yards.

In 2014, former Oakland Raiders Ray Guy will become the first punter ever to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Guy’s selection proves how valuable a great punter can be on a football team.

An opposing team starting a drive inside their own 5 yard line may never witness actual caskets at their end of the field.

However, a team’s bad field position may prove the kiss of death at a crucial time in the game when they desperately need good field position in order to start a drive.

That’s when Coffin Corner can be one of the deadliest places in sports.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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