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Today American sports fans remember September 11th on two fronts.

Firstly, and more importantly, they recall 9/11 as that tragic day in American history were thousands were killed in New York City and millions of other Americans were left scarred, confused and fearful. Yet, Americans demonstrated their resilience and emerged stronger following the horror of that unforgettable event.

We honor this day as a testament to their courage.

Secondly, but not near as important socially or culturally, we also recall a remarkable day in sports that has been understandably overshadowed by the tragedy of September 11th. Yet, this day in sports history in 1985 is truly epic because Ty Cobb’s Major League Baseball hits record, once thought totally unattainable, was broken by Pete Rose.

Baseball hats and helmets off to Charlie Hustle Pete Rose for his incredible accomplishment 28 years ago.

The following excerpt is borrowed from a chapter in my MIKE FREE Baseball Book on Rose, so that baseball fans can remember him on his historic day.

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Enjoy the brief read on Rose as you also honor the memory of those who unnecessarily perished in our country on that fateful day in 2001.

…Full throttle was the only way Pete Rose knew how to play baseball.

Playing with a “pedal to the metal” attitude every time he took to the diamond, Pete Rose lived up to his Charlie Hustle nickname. He remains one of baseball’s most famous players, despite agreeing to be banned from the game in 1987 for betting on the sport.

Because of his on-field baseball successes, Rose would have been a certain first ballot Hall of Famer.

When he retired as a player in 1986, Charlie Hustle  held numerous Major League Baseball records. Rose is the game’s all-time leader with 4,256 hits, 3,562 games played and 14,053 at bats. In addition, Rose won more games than any other player in history, a whopping 1,972 of them!

After 24 Major League Baseball seasons, Rose ended his career as the most accomplished switch hitter ever. He recorded 2,156 runs scored, 746 doubles, 5,752 total bases and 1,566 walks.

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