#TBT Sports Blog: NBA Finals, Magic Johnson & Showtime LA Lakers

Just in time for tonight’s NBA Finals, today’s Throw Back Thursday sports blog features a now struggling NBA franchise that was once a dominant and exciting fixture in nearly every NBA championship series during the 1980s.

This talented tinsel town team perfectly fit the Hollywood hype of its Showtime nickname.

With their quick paced form of fast break basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s electrified NBA fans. Their style of play entertained the many movie, music and television celebrities who attended their home games at the old Great Western Forum.

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#TBT Sports Blog: NBA Finals & Larry Bird

Mention the name Bird to any basketball fan and the name invokes instant memories of step back jumpers, swishing nets, non-stop jabbering and long white legs in short green shorts.

Most importantly, his single name recalls multiple NBA banners hanging above a parquet wood basketball court and a dominant all-star who regularly appeared in NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics.

Larry Joe Bird, also known as Larry Legend or the Hick from French Lick (IN) or simply Bird, ranks as one of the most revered basketball players in history. No first name or explanation is needed to identify the species of this particular Bird.

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#TBT Sports Blog: 1906 Chicago Cubs Hitless Wonders

Today’s Throw Back Thursday sports blog will transport you back in time more than 100 years.

In a sport where a team’s batting average normally dictates its success, the 1906 Chicago White Sox’s improbable World Series Championship stands today as a statistical oddity.

With only seven team home runs and a woeful .230 team batting average during the regular season, the Chicago White Sox became known as the Hitless Wonders in the Chicago media.

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