The Heisman Trophy: A Brief History

Standing 13.5” tall and weighing in at a hefty 25 lbs., the iconic Heisman Trophy is unquestionably the most prestigious award in college sports. The big bronze trophy easily stiff-arms all other potential choices to be the focus of today’s … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: On This Day in 1972 Title IX Became Law

Today’s #TBT sports blog recounts the 1972 ground breaking law known as Title IX that changed the landscape of women’s sports in our country. On June 23, 1972 former President Richard M. Nixon signed into law the landmark civil rights … Continue reading

Football’s Instant Replay: A Game Changer in Sports Viewing

More than 40 years ago this week a significant game changer in sports television viewing occurred. On December 7, 1963, CBS Sports introduced Tony Verna’s instant replay concept during the Army vs. Navy football game at the old Municipal Stadium … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: My Favorite Sportscasters PTI’s Wilbon & Kornheiser

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog declares my favorite sportscasters of all-time: PTI’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. ESPN claims that these sparring sportscasters have made PTI, or Pardon The Interruption, the most successful show of its kind in sports … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: The NFL Crucial Catch Campaign

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses on a priceless endeavor. It recognizes the NFL, once again, for making A Crucial Catch with it’s annual initiative to raise awareness for women’s breast cancer. The league’s A Crucial Catch campaign continues … Continue reading

Goodyear Blimp Celebrates 60th Year of College Football

This weekend marks the start of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s 60th year of aerial advertising during college football games. The company’s annual broadcast coverage will culminate with a lucky college football fan hitching a ride on the famous … Continue reading

R.I.P. to Former NBA Favorite Darryl Chocolate Thunder Dawkins

R.I.P. to former NBA favorite Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins as he is laid to rest this week after dying from an unexpected heart attack. Though he never achieved the impossible expectations that others placed upon him, Darryl Dawkins will always … Continue reading

WNBA’s Sue Bird: New State Farm Born to Assist Star

The Stockton, Paul, Lillard and Curry twins need to make room for another pair of assist makers in the State Farm Born to Assist ads. Sue Bird and her fictional twin sister, Summer, step into the scenes of the new … Continue reading

MIKE on Sports Extending Digital Brand

The Trademarked MIKE sports property is extending its digital brand. With an ever growing portfolio of 635 sports blogs and 37 sports comic books (ebooks), the new MIKE on Sports podcast will launch this spring on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. … Continue reading

#19 in Best Sports Quotes: NBA on TNT’s Charles Barkley

“I may not be perfect, but I doubt it.” ~ Charles Barkley’s title for his memoir, written in 2002 with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon Known as Sir Charles on TNT’s Inside the NBA television coverage, this sports broadcasting royal has cleverly … Continue reading