2 Cent Tuesday: Iconic Sayings in Sports

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog stokes the embers of sports fans’ favorite sayings. They’re expressions that we’ve all used at some point while describing a game or in a simple conversation. Julius Caesar’s “Vedi Vidi Vici” (Latin for I … Continue reading

Non-sports Sports: NASCAR, Curling, Poker & More

The list is far longer than it needs to be.

It spotlights roaring races, organized parlor games and quirky contests that involve little or no athletes.

Skill and discipline are evidently involved in these competitions, but obviously none of an athletic nature.

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Finger Pointing & Tongue Wagging Dominating Sports News

Taunting, finger pointing and tongue wagging have been dominating sports headlines lately. Instead of focusing on their specific jobs, some well known sports personalities have directed their energy in non-productive ways. When they should be comporting themselves as respected sports … Continue reading

I Want Real Sports News to Return to Sports News

I want real sports news to return to sports news.

Sounds like an odd statement. But, in light of this week’s sports headlines, my plea makes perfect sense.

If you’re a diehard sports fan like me, you probably check your Twitter feed and log onto your favorite sports site before taking your first sip of morning coffee.

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Non-Sports Sports: NASCAR, Poker, Pool and Curling

Before I pressed “publish” on this blog, I already felt an onslaught of angst directed toward me from NASCAR, poker, pool and curling fans of these non-sports sports!

I’ve braced myself for the avalanche of hate mail and prickly barbs that will soon come my way for the words I’ve just written.

But, someone had to write them. Someone had the express the obvious. And, someone had to take the initiative and expose the egregious coverage on major sports networks that these non-sports sports receive.

Check out the following excerpt from my new sports comic book Confusing Stuff in Sports.

I’m confident you’ll agree, too, that these non-sports sports shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as actual sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey and boxing.

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NASCAR Refutes Jersey Shore’s Snooki Filming New Reality TV Series (Satire)

(Satire) NASCAR adamantly denied this morning that Nicole Snooki Polizzi’s car crash in Florence, Italy resulted from filming a new reality TV series called NASCAR Nymphs. NASCAR quickly squashed surfacing speculation that the Charlotte, NC based organization had recruited Snooki … Continue reading