MIKE’s FREE Baseball Book: The Change Up

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever witness this scene during a Major League Baseball game.

However, the actual cover coming off the baseball as it leaves the pitcher’s throwing hand proves a point. The pitcher has metaphorically taken something off the ball.

This comic brings to life a change-up pitch in baseball.

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MIKE Launches FREE Top 25 Series on What’s Worst About Sports

A best selling book on my top 25 picks on what’s Best About Sports wouldn’t be complete without a complementary book on my top 25 choices on what’s Worst About Sports.

As I penned in my previous book – Best About Sports – the subject of sports always triggers debate.

Pick a player, celebrate a team or remember a championship moment, regardless of the sport, and I guarantee that a lively discussion will quickly follow.

In a relative’s living room, at a neighborhood bar or around the office water cooler, the mere mention of a certain player or team will instantaneously ignite colorful conversation and more than likely ruffle some one’s feathers.

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MIKE Releases FREE Soccer Sports Comic Book

The sports world’s ultimate talking head, MIKE shares 25 of his all-time favorite soccer comics.

MIKE’s clever comics capture the moments, people and clichéd expressions that encompass the world’s most popular sport.

Enjoy this FREE book on MIKE’s 25 all-time favorite soccer comics.

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MIKE Launches FREE “Scary” Sports Comic Book

This FREE comic book isn’t intended to scare sports fans.

However, Scary Sports Comics – Volume 5 in my FREE sports comic book series – is a collection of figuratively frightening sports comics meant to entertain sports fans of all ages.

Scary Sports Comics highlights and sometimes lampoons the eerie expressions, creepy nicknames, ghostly references, frightening athletes, intimidating teams and unnerving clichés that comprise our unintentionally scary sports vocabulary.

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MIKE Launches FREE Sports Comic Book on Football Favorites

This FREE MIKE sports comic book is a collection of 25 entertaining football comics.

A little football history accompanies each comic. You’ll learn about the history of the Heisman as well as the Greatest Show on Turf!

You’ll enjoy reading about the brightest new NFL star, RGIII, and the greatest play in NFL history, the Immaculate Reception.

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MIKE Launches FREE Sports Comic Book for NBA Playoffs

This FREE book is filled with 25 NBA comics.

In every chapter, MIKE shares a bit of history behind each comic and offer readers the opportunity to purchase a jersey, hat or sports memorabilia of their favorite team or player.

Enjoy these comics. Memories of what they stand for will have you admiring, pondering, laughing, wincing and, in some cases, scratching.

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MLB Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson Movie 42 Impresses at Box Office

April 15 stands alone as a special day in the sports world. It marks one of the most significant days in American sports history. This single day commemorates the courage of Brooklyn Dodgers great Jackie Robinson who in 1947 broke … Continue reading

MIKE Launches New Top 25 Series Book on Favorite Single Named Athletes

A simple name, whether first or last, constitutes celebrity. One name signals to sports fans everywhere that an athlete has arrived.
Mention his or her single name and someone, somewhere will start to rattle off statistics, count off career highlights and recall favorite all-time performances of the lone named individual.

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MIKE Launches FREE Baseball Sports Comic Book for MLB Opening Week

More than 150 years ago, Major League Baseball became known as America’s favorite pastime.

Prior to TV and the internet and long before the popularization of professional basketball, football and hockey, American athletes and sports fans “passed their time away” watching or playing baseball.

Since its first formal game in Hoboken, NJ back in 1863, baseball has evolved into family friendly sports entertainment.

Major League Baseball has enraptured fans for decades. From Spring Training through the dog days of summer and all the way into the Fall Classic, Americans love their favorite pastime.

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MIKE Launches FREE March Madness Sports Comic Book for NCAA Tournament

The wildly popular Big Dance, or March Madness, descends upon NCAA college basketball fans every year.

From mid March through early April, college basketball fans are smitten by the sports world’s most popular annual event.

College hoop junkies trudge around like zombies barely able to get through the day without mumbling about stats, scores, match-ups, RPI ratings and overall strength of conference schedules.

In addition to debating regional brackets, they never part with their remotes. They divide their time between watching ESPN on big LCD TV screens, smaller LCD screens on WiFi notebooks and even tinier LCD screens on pocket-sized iPhones.

March Madness fans consumed by the NCAA tournament will enjoy this FREE book. It’s filled with 25 of my all-time favorite basketball comics.

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