Brazil’s Neymar Enraptures FIFA Soccer Fans with Goals and Hairstyles

Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar

FB Barcelona striker Brazil’s Neymar

This brilliant Brazilian and FC Barcelona striker may be better known for his assortment of eclectic hairstyles than his remarkable ability to put the soccer ball in the back of the net.

Oft compared to Brazilian soccer icons Pele and Ronaldinho, Neymar da Silva Santos, or simply Neymar, has tempted the tabloids and worldwide sports sites with more than tantalizing athleticism and surreal soccer skill.

Neymar has also captivated an international audience that eagerly awaits his next sensational goal as much as it does for his latest avante-guard haircut.

The engaging 22 year-old Brazilian has discovered just as many inventive ways to find the back of the net as he has in creatively styling his thick main of dark hair.

Appealing to a cross section of cultures and international soccer fans, Neymar has donned a bevy of different looks since emerging a few years ago as Brazil’s next single-named soccer prodigy.

Now known for his current crest style, the 2012 and 2013 South American Footballer of the Year has demonstrated as much skill in the barber’s chair as he has on the international soccer pitch.

From a kinky curled to a closely cropped cut, Neymar has also sported the long and layered look as well as the curious Mohawk mullet with a tight buzz cut on the sides.

The Brazilian has worn the single pony tail on top Japanese Samurai look, dyed his jet black locks blond and even embraced the flat iron straightened look as pictured in this blog’s comic.

Not to be overlooked, Neymar once shaved his head as a teen in Santos and, upon its return, spiked and gelled it to fans’ delight.

In the same way defenders can’t keep up with the 5’9” and 141 lb. forward’s explosive burst, break neck speed and special skills on the soccer pitch, soccer fans can’t anticipate what the $7M per year FC Barca forward will do with his next hairstyle.

Fans are as curiously excited about what new look Neymar will brandish in Brazil this summer during the 2014 World Cup as they are about what amazing things he’ll do with soccer ball.

As the new global ambassador for Castrol, expect Neymar to sport a well-oiled, hard-charging look like the race cars that the British automotive lubricant company sponsors.

Vroom vroom!

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