2 Cent Tuesday: Favorite Baseball Cliches

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses on my top 10 favorite baseball clichés.

I think they’re a grand slam!

Plus, they’re included in my FREE book Best About Sports for fans of MLB, Babe Ruth League and Little League Baseball to enjoy.

My list captures the ridiculous, inventive and, at times, exaggerated way we report on or describe America’s favorite pastime.

A perfect example is the see-saw baseball comic that begins this article.

MIKE Sports Comic: See Saw Battle

Baseball fans instantly get these sayings. They’re confidently spoken in the familiar lingo of metaphors and hyperbole that all sports fans understand.

Here’s my top 10 list:

10. Stranded three ducks on a pond – What a sight it would be to actually watch three mallards quacking away on the bases in frustration as a batter takes a third called strike to end the inning.

9. The batter hit a frozen rope – It would be pretty neat to see an icicle encrusted 350’ long rope extend from the batter’s box to the left field wall.

8. The pitcher handcuffed the batter – Too bad we’ll never actually witness a pitcher leave the mound with a set of cuffs in his hand and head toward home plate to shackle the batter.

7. The infielders are throwing the ball around the horn – It would be a literal blast to see four infielders sitting around the pitcher’s mound, playfully tossing a baseball around a giant trumpet?

6. The outfielder got on his horse to chase down the fly ball – This would never happen, but it would be hysterical to see a center fielder catch a long fly ball with his glove in one hand, while his other hand holds the reins of the horse he’s riding?

5. The pitcher took something off the ball – One day, I’d love to see this actually happen – a pitcher standing on the mound after a pitch holding a frayed baseball cover in his throwing hand.

MIKE Sports Comic: Pitcher Took Something Off the Ball

4. The batter reached for the fences – How ridiculous a sight this would be watching a batter at home plate extend his arms like a transformer robot and actually touch the right field wall.

3. This team is manufacturing runs – Just imagine a team turning its dugout into a manufacturing plant’s assembly line.

2. It’s a pitcher’s duel – Duels don’t happen anymore, but it would be a blast to witness two saber wielding pitchers squaring off around the pitcher’s mound.

1. The base runner got caught napping – The word picture associated with this comic probably says it all. It’s a wonderful way to end this featured list on my favorite baseball cliches.

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