2 Cent Tuesday: Best of In-Game Entertainment

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog offers up my list of the top 10 best of in-game entertainment in sports. So, here’s my 2 cents…

Feeling the excitement of the action or experiencing the pulsating pressure only steps away from the court, field, pitch or ice are definitely reasons to celebrate.

Professional sports teams and big-time college athletic programs are rapidly evolving into modern day versions of the famed Barnum and Bailey Circus. They eagerly compete for sports fans’ entertainment dollars.

Lots of time, talent, creativity and money are invested to ensure fans at the big game enjoy the experience and feel compelled to return to these modern sports world’s big top known as arenas and stadiums.

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday post highlights my 10 top choices of in-game entertainment.

Although entertainment styles may vary by venue and sport, similar fun and exciting elements seem to be used in stadiums and arenas across the globe.

#10 The Nutty, Crazy and Zany

In addition to perky cheerleaders, I love all the other nutty, crazy, zany, creative things sports fans do at games to support their teams. That means jugglers, dancers, twirlers, tuba players, shirtless guys with painted faces in frigid weather, streamer shakers and the holders of big head cardboard signs.

#9 The Food

That means all-you-can-eat $1 hot dog or famous taco nights where only a few bucks can buy you a hefty meal at a park or an arena. You can cheaply chow down all you want without ever having to do the dishes!

#8 The Tee Shirt Canon

Who can resist the excitement of watching an arena employee standing at courtside holding a mini rocket launcher to propel a $2 tee shirt about a mile away into the upper deck? And, what fan doesn’t love seeing guys in the upper deck risk their lives leaning over the rail to catch that free shirt that might not even fit. But, who really cares?

#7 Inventive Tricks Involving Dogs

I’m a dog lover, and I absolutely love watching the amazing things our four legged friends can do. So, whether it’s a Frisbee catching dog on a basketball court, or a dog pulling a miniature wagon with a monkey in it on a football field, sports fans are always root for rover!

#6 Team Mascots

In-game promotions involving team mascots are always fun and bring out the best in local sentiment. If you’ve never been to Nationals Park in Washington, DC, you’ve joined the patriotic thrill of cheering for Tom (Jefferson), Abe (Lincoln), Teddy (Roosevelt) and George (Washington) in the Presidential Races.

Another one of my regional stadium favorites is the famous sausage races held at Miller Park in Milwaukee. It’s here that fans can cheer for their favorite Italian sausage, German bratwurst, Polish kielbasa or American hot dog. Everyone has fun backing their favorite racing wiener, I mean, winner.

#5 Dunking Gorillas

Sure they use a trampoline, but these fearless, acrobatic little guys clad in monkey suits always seem to wow the crowds by rapidly dunking basketballs in inconceivable ways.

#4 The Kiss Cam

This roving lens always captures both tender moments and awkward interludes and blasts them across the big screen. Sports fans either are madly in love or in desperate need of counseling can relate to the startled looks of couples whose candid moments just got caught on the kiss cam.

#3 Indoor Pyrotechnics

The inflammatory dangers this form of in-game entertainment has been banned from just about every arena I’m aware of. But, few can argue that fireworks, smoke and lightning strobes in an arena during a big game is anything short of fabulous.

#2 The Hammond B3 Organ

You’ll never find organ music on my iPod’s playlist, but listening to the beats belted out by a Hammond B3 will always give me a rise during a big name. Sports fans will agree that a Hammond’s piping sound is beautiful music to our ears as well as our sports souls.

#1 Jumbotrons

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself in a trance during games gazing up at the Jumbotron in the arena or stadium instead of watching the actual game you already paid $75 to see in person. In-game entertainment on Jumbotrons is just that good!

Email me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com if there’s an In-game Entertainment favorite of yours that you feel should be on this list too. Maybe I’ll feature it in a future 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog.

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