Augusta’s Amen Corner Featured in “Spiritual Sports Favorites” Comic Book

Amen Corner at Masters Golf Tournament

Golf’s Amen Corner at Augusta National

As golf fans celebrate this weekend’s Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Course, allow me to share an excerpt from my sports comic book Spiritual Sports Favorites.

In addition to the Hail Mary Pass, the Immaculate Reception, Touchdown Jesus, the Minister of Defense and Pigeon Heaven, Amen Corner easily chips into the book.

MIKE Spiritual Sports FavoritesHere’s more about golf’s legendary Amen Corner…..

…..Six-time Masters champion Jack Nicklaus called the par three, 155 yard 12th hole the toughest short hole in golf. Plus, the unpredictable swirling winds, Rae’s Creek and the overall length of the par four 505 yard 11th hole and par five 510 yard 13th hole contribute to the enormous difficulty of this gorgeous piece of golfing real estate.

In a 1958 Sports Illustrated article, golf writer Herman Warren Wind coined the name of this signature stretch of tough play. He wanted to create a catchy nickname for this glorious combination of beautifully designed, yet extremely challenging holes.

Much like baseball’s Hot Corner and football’s Coffin Corner, golf’s Amen Corner was officially born.

When founded by golfing great Bobby Jones in 1933, all of the course’s holes were named after Georgia’s local shrubs and trees like Azalea on the 13th, Golden Bell on the 12th and White Dogwood on the 11th.

However, professional golfers who have succumbed to these harrowing holes of Amen Corner have ironically renamed them more appropriate plant names like Poison Ivy, Hemlock Dropwort and Venus Fly Trap.

Since 1958 the aura of Amen Corner has intensified.

Golf’s most alluring, yet tormenting three hole challenge has historically decided the outcome of the Masters.

golf legends like Byron Nelson in 1937, Sam Snead in 1949 and Arnold Palmer in 1958 all played heavenly through this troublesome stretch of God’s gift to golf. Each golfer arose to wear the iconic Green Jacket given to the Masters Tournament champion.

Though beloved, admired and perhaps even cursed by professional golfers, this prized piece of Augusta National Golf Club known as Amen Corner remains the holiest three holes in golf.

Amen to that!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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