Basketball Hall of Fame: Air Jordan…..Now Grounded!

His tears were genuine.

He appeared poised, once again, to soar above all mere mortals in the basketball world.

However, the monumental chip on Michael Jordan’s shoulder loomed larger than any words 23 uttered at last week’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Jordan’s inexplicable words at first baffled, and then essentially grounded perhaps the Game’s greatest player in the eyes of expectant, but then bewildered contemporaries, teammates, coaches and fans.

On a special night when MJ could have perpetuated his larger than life legacy, he tethered himself to the induction ceremony’s podium in a self made pair of cement Nike Air Jordans.

Jordan unnecessarily took shots at vanquished opponents and coaches…..when none were necessary.

Jordan pontificated about his profound competitivenes…..when no one ever questioned it.

Jordan punctuated his speech with selfish, snarky remarks…..when he should have followed the new Hall of Famers previously inducted that evening with self-less comments filled with grace and heartfelt thanks.

The audience laughed awkwardly at MJ’s snide comments and applauded dutifully when 23 exited the dais. Sure, perhaps the best player on the planet was acknowledged and rightfully so. However, a once adoring basketball world was left to wonder what Michael still wants to prove.

In the eyes of many that evening, Air Jordan’s hubris grounded himself! However, here’s hoping that the next time 23 takes a stage somewhere, Michael leaves the monumental chip in the locker room…..allowing him to soar once again to basketball greatness untethered and unencumbered.

Straight talk. No static.

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