Friday Sports Funny: Pitcher is Getting Shelled

MRO 84 Pitcher Getting ShelledThe image above of the pitcher getting shelled captures how overwhelmed a pitcher feels when he’s having a bad day on the mound.

That’s why the comic easily finds the strike zone in today’s Friday Sports Funny.

It also makes up one of the 25 entertaining chapters in my FREE sports comic book titled Clever Sports Comics.

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When they don’t have their best stuff, pitchers can easily get knocked around – or shelled – by the opposing team.

This can happen during an MLB, NCAA, high school or even a Little League game.

Buried under a huge pile of sea and even torpedo shells, the exasperated pitcher in this comic wearing the Mariners uniform gives literal meaning to the old sports cliché that the pitcher is getting shelled. The Official Online Shop of Major League BaseballFor baseball fans interested in authentic Major League Baseball collectibles and merchandise, simply click on the MLB Shop logo above.

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