2 Cent Tuesday: Hoping For More of March Each NCAA College Basketball Season

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog has got me hoping.

Yes, hoping that the month of March comes more than once a year for college basketball fans.

That’s right! The predictable sickness universally known by the NCAA’s brilliantly Trademarked term “March Madness” descends upon college basketball fans each spring. It wonderfully lingers for at least three weeks.

Then, like clockwork, it mysteriously disappears around midnight EST on a Monday in April immediately after a new NCAA national champion is crowned.

However, I want it to stay longer. I need March to drag its feet and take its time before departing so unapologetically in the blink of an eye.

Like so many other sports fans, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has always smitten me.

The maddening spring malaise envelopes my life each March. Once again, it has invaded my life this year and has completely taken over.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

With its vice like grip, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament runs uncontrollably through my veins. Symptoms like sleep loss, emotion instability and erratic behavior overtake me.

No antidote can cure me. Furthermore, none is even desired.

I mumble scores, stats, pre-game analysis and RPI ratings, while debating conference strengths of schedule and boldly predicting Final Four participants.

Like a zombie, I barely get through the month of March without gnawing on nails, acting like an adolescent or suffering some sort of indigestion.

Under no conditions do I ever part with my remotes. Actually, I divide my time between watching CBS Sports on my big LCD TV screens, ESPN.com highlights on smaller LCDs on WiFi notebooks and ESPN Mobile on even tinier LCD screens on pocket-sized iPhones.

But, during this year’s tournament, I cannot ever recall becoming so broken.

A last second Notre Dame tip-in, an improbable Wisconsin three point shot at the buzzer and an incredulous Texas A & M comeback are only a few of the reasons why I find this March illness so intoxicating.

Wow! What a sickness!

Bring it on and slay me every March. Give me a double dose and don’t ever try to cure me.

Please don’t stop the Madness. Don’t ever stop the NCAA’s March Madness. Never.

I just love this disease, and probably like you, I don’t ever want to be cured of it.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

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