Golfing Nightmare: When Your Tee Shot Finds Water

MRO 97 TeeShotWaterThe red faced golfer in the comic above reminds me, well, of me!

Plus, I’m sure plenty of readers of my blog more than likely relate to this golfer, too.

I’m a duffer and have never been any good at golf.

However, I love the links even though…..

I’ve embarrassed myself so many times on the golf course that I lost count years ago.

I’ve topped enumerable tee shots, while exhausting all offered mulligans on every round of golf I’ve ever played.

I’ve four-putted from 10 feet from the cup.

I’ve swung and missed.

I’ve hit trees, benches, water coolers, golf carts and, unfortunately, other golfers.

I’ve chipped from one fringe to the other without my ball ever touching the green.

My woods have no power, my irons have no pop and my putting skills lack technique and touch.

That’s why the happy golf ball floating in the lounger could have easily been one of my errant tee shots.

Despite the red-faced golfer, the smiling golf ball kicking back in the pool lounger with an umbrella drink in his cup holder brings a totally new twist to the golfing adage – when your tee shot finds water.

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