NCAA March Madness: A Smart Foul in Basketball

MRO 64 Smart Foul

Since March Madness officially tipped off earlier this week, I’ve delivered an assortment of clever cliches and basketball comics.

My March Madness repertoire has included exaggerated looks at teams getting invited to the big dance, bracketologists, players with big shoes to fill, nail biting games and teams living behind the three point line.

Here’s another comic to add to my list. It brings to life another well known basketball expression in an entirely new way.

A smart foul, and not, smart fowl, is a figurative example of a basketball player fouling an opponent without giving the player an advantage for the indiscretion.

It can happen in an NBA game, in a middle school game and especially at this time of the year during the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

However, I doubt a spectacled chicken is what the person who originally coined this basketball expression “smart foul” had in mind.

I love the book worm chicken’s bow tie and wide rimmed glasses. They easily remind us of a college professor teaching his NCAA athletes a thing about basketball – like a smart foul.

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