Friday Sports Funny: Carrying Team on Shoulders

MRO 69 Carrying team on shouldersToday’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on a tiresome, but spot on sports cliche.

Though the saying can apply to any sport, it’s most often used to describe that indomitable athlete on the basketball court, especially during March Madness.

One of the most exciting things about watching the annual NCAA national basketball tournament is witnessing remarkable individual performances during pressure-packed games.

Whether it’s a future NBA star or not, you can count on ESPN to show continuous highlights of players who dominate and lead their schools to victory.

This comic drives home the point of those unique, single players who carry much more than their own weight during games.

While leading his squad to a thrilling victory, the dribbling player is literally carrying four of his teammates.

Stars Carry Teammates on Shoulders During March Madness

In every March Madness season, college basketball fans will be watching for the latest rising stars that can metaphorically carry a team on their shoulders.

Over the years, college hoops fans have witnessed broad shouldered stars like David Robinson of the Navy in 1986, Wally Szczerbiak of Miami University in 1999, Ali Farokhmanesh  of University of Northern Iowa in 2010, Jimmer Fredette of Brigham Young in 2011 and the incomparable Steph Curry of Davidson of Davidson in 2008 lead their undersized, undermanned and lower seeded squads on improbable runs deep into the NCAA field.

Enjoy NCAA March Madness again this year and be watching for another surprising break out star to capture the hearts of an awaiting public.

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In addition to reading about a star player carrying his team on his shoulders, you’ll also see other basketball cliches come to life like prying the lid off the basket, ice water in her veins, big man owns the paint and more.

Enjoy the read, and most importantly, relish the madness as March is finally here.

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