MIKE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Sports Comics 2nd Edition

Favorite Sports ComicsI love to laugh. Who doesn’t?

I love sports, too!

But, mix sports and laughs together, and, wham! You’ve got a home run, a slam dunk, a hat trick, a perfect 10 and a touch down celebration all in one.

As author of this series of sports comic books, I’ve combined sports stories and comics to develop a whole new genre in sports entertainment.

In my 2nd edition of Favorite Sports Comics I’ve compiled a clever collection of comics, and none have appeared in any of my previous books.

These comics were illustrated for fans who like to laugh, love worn out cliches and have a passion for sports.

The sports comics in this book, along with brief corresponding stories, cover the gamut in sports. They bring to life commonly used sports clichés and ridiculous expressions that describe teams, players, plays or games.

In this book, you’ll see the old, the trite, the over-used and the outrageous. Laugh as saber wielding pitchers duel it out on a pitcher’s mound. Watch football defenders flail helplessly back on their stiletto heels. See a bus of winners drive vanquished opponents to school.

MIKE Sports Comic: Back on their HeelsThere’s also a napping base runner, a smart fowl (not foul) and a football team that left everything – clothes included – on the field.

MIKE Sports Comic: Smart Foul Not Smart FowlEnjoy this new collection of my Top 25 Favorite Sports Comics.

If I missed presenting a comic of one of your favorite sports clichés, email it to me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com.

Don’t forget to check out my other MIKE Sports Comic Books covering NFL, MLB, NBA, FIFA and NHL favorites.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE on sports!

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