Friday Sports Funny: Team Turned a Corner

MRO 48 Turned Corner as teamToday’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the oft used sports cliche – the team turned a corner.

Sportswriters, sportscasters and sports fans have all utilized the expression to describe how a purposed team can emerge from mediocrity to become a legitimate contender.

The sprinting soccer players comprise the perfect example as they’re turning a corner in more ways than one.

In today’s sports comic, an animated, whistle blowing coach encourages his players to push harder and run faster.

The team appears to be following the coach’s exhortations as the runners sprint down a steep road named Second Place and efficiently, and with great anticipation, turn onto Champions Way.

Not only have they just physically turned a corner as a team, but they are metaphorically turning in the right direction to greater success.

After all, the comic shows the runners passing the Victory Building and running toward to Champion Plaza.

This is the type of example you’d see on ESPN Sports Center when an UEFA Champions League, MLS or NCAA team turns a corner.

MIKE Vol 7 CleverPlus, this sports cliche is not limited to any sport.

That’s because NFL teams, college football teams, high school teams and even Pop Warner squads can all metaphorically turn the corner.

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