Undersized World Cup Stars Prove Bigger Not Always Better

Germany's Philipp Lahm

The Magic Dwarf Philipp Lahm

The extraordinary play in this year’s World Cup of some of international football’s best players refutes a timeless adage.

In Brazilian stadiums, Lilliputians like 5’6″ Lionel Messi of Argentina, 5’7″ Philipp Lahm of Germany, 5’7″ Alexis Sanchez of Chile, 5’7″ Dries Martens of Belgium, 5’8″ Giovani dos Santos of Mexico and 5’9″ Neymar da Silva Santos of Brazil have made a mockery of the common misconception in sports that “bigger is always better.”

These scintillating stars have proven that if we used the same logic that “bigger is always better,” then we’d want bigger headaches, bigger holes in our pockets and even bigger cases of jock rash.

This weekend’s World Cup games showed that you can never measure the indomitable spirit that drives athletes, regardless of their physical size, to find the back of the net.

These highly skilled and under-sized world class footballers authenticated a new adage for sports; namely, that “size really doesn’t matter”-even if you do stand shorter than Tom Brady’s waist, weigh less than one of Lebron James’ bulging biceps and bask in the nickname of world’s best player known as the Atomic Flea.

Soccer’s pint-sized prodigies have once again dismantled their larger counterparts with dogged defense, brilliant vision, amazing pinpoint passing and the ability to quickly attack from anywhere on the pitch.

Messi, Lahm, Sanchez, Martens, Santos and Neymar have teased, tormented and tired their opposition.

Always a fan of the little guy, I can relate to these shorter, smaller athletes. They were probably overlooked as kids every time teams were picked at the park.

Being spurned when you know you can play becomes a tremendous impetus to improve and play really big – in spite of your shorter stature. And, they are proving it in stadiums all around Brazil.

Just ask these brilliant footballers or some other vertically challenged Mini-Me who still buys clothes in the kids department of Old Navy.

Yes, in the case of Messi, Lahm, Sanchez and other undersized World Cup stars, bigger is definitely NOT always better.

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