Germany Wins 2014 FIFA World Cup in Extra Time

The FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA assigns no significant monetary value to its World Cup Trophy.

However, Germany just discovered how the incredibly precious it is.

Substitute Mario Gotze scored on a brilliant volley in the 113th minute of extra time and helped Germany win its fourth World Cup title.

Gotze’s fabulous finish devastated an Argentine defense that seemed to stymie the steamrolling German scoring machine at every attempt.

For nearly the entire game, the South Americans marked their men marvelously and closed down German players at every turn.

Scrappy defenders Xavier Mascherano and Pablo Zabaleta stifled the powerful Germans who had blitzed the host Brazilians 7 – 1 in last week’s stunning semi final.

Argentina’s defense seemed as if they were holding on, confidently expecting superstar teammate, Lionel Messi, to break through the rugged Germans as he’s regularly done on the international football stage for the past several years.

Yet, in extra time, when the Argentines appeared impregnable, the shifty Gotze got behind the defense and then trapped and deftly redirected Andre Schurrles’ cross past goalie Sergio Romero.

A super substitute, Mario Gotze now finds his name etched in stone in German football history.

An incomparable FIFA footballer, Argentina’s Lionel Messi may still be the best soccer player on the planet, but he’ll continue living under the shadow of his fellow countryman and soccer legend Diego Maradona.

And, the powerful Germans will proudly hoist the smallish World Cup Trophy while coveting the invaluable worth the trophy represents.

Congrats to Germany – 2014 FIFA World Cup champions of the world!

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