2 Cent Tuesday: Time For NBA Icon Kobe Bryant to Step Away

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogFollowing a lackluster start to the 2015 – 16 season, NBA icon Kobe Bryant and his future serve as fodder for today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog.

My post asks how much longer the soon-to-be 38 year-old certain Hall of Fame basketball icon will continue to play in the NBA.

Plus, it begs Bryant to realize that it’s now time to step away from the game while fans can remember the greatness he once so effortlessly exhibited on the basketball court.

He’s struggling badly and it’s evident that he is no longer an elite NBA player.

Sure, Kobe Bryant has won five rings with the Los Angeles Lakers and has been named NBA All-Star 17 times in a stellar 20-year career.

However, Bryant’s chronic injuries and rapidly encroaching age limitations have taken their toll on the incredible basketball star’s athleticism.

And, they’ve stolen from Bryant a once unrivaled ability to score whenever, wherever and on whomever he pleased.

Unfortunately, not even Bryant’s indomitable will be able to help him overcome the eye-opening decline NBA fans are witnessing in his play.

After returning from injuries that have seen him miss 123 games in the past two years, a noticeably less athletic Bryant has struggled in his first three games this season. It’s evident to fans, teammates and opposing players that Bryant is no longer an elite player and his un-Kobe like stats prove it.

Following a horrible 3 for 15 shooting performance in the Lakers loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Bryant exclaimed, “I freaking suck!” Sadly, no one could argue with the star guard’s brutally honest self-appraisal.

Kobe’s not just the “elephant in the room.” Rather, he’ll be the “elephant in every NBA arena” where he’ll play this year. It’ll be as painful to watch as an overweight Michael Jordan in a Wizards’ uniform or a feeble Brett Favre donning a Jets helmet. Please spare us, Kobe!

In three games, Bryant has shot an anemic 31.4% from the field and an even more woeful 20.7% from behind the arc where he’s averaging 10+ three point attempts per contest.

A much more telling statistic is that the lifetime Laker has attempted 51 shots this season, while only passing the ball 56 times. Yikes!

So, Kobe, when will you call it quits? There’s no shame in doing it now!

Kobe Bryant Now Facing Biggest Challenge

Bryant is now facing the biggest challenge of his career as he goes toe-to-toe with an opponent who’s never lost against an athlete in any sport. Kobe’s adversary is every athlete’s eventual nemesis. He’s the ol’ man himself, undefeated Father Time.

Though many athletes, including Hall of Famers like Kobe Bryant, will rise to challenge him, no one has ever emerged victoriously.

Here’s hoping Kobe doesn’t insist on trudging on in a sport that he once so easily dominated.

Here’s believing Kobe won’t allow tomfoolery to convince him to continue.

Here’s expecting Kobe will realize he can’t prevail against undefeated and universally unchallenged Father Time.

Kobe Should Follow a Legendary Lakers’ Footsteps

Kobe should follow a legendary Lakers’ footsteps and step away from the game now as the great Elgin Baylor once did.

Yes, Kobe must allow fans to remember him as the mega-star he once was instead of the burnished star that can no longer elevate off the hardwood to rise above a heavy legged defender.

Fans won’t disrespect you, Kobe. But, they’ll actually applaud you for recognizing now is the time to step away instead of languishing this season and sullying the glorious rep you had once so deservedly earned.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

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