2 Cent Tuesday: The Worst Mascot in Sports

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog states the obvious.

The post reveals my choice for the undisputed worst mascot in sports.

Sure, I know my pick will ignite a furor of controversy.

Zealots across the globe will vow retribution for my purported irresponsible and incendiary words.

Irish everywhere will call for a holy war.


Rumor has it that the Pope will get involved, rosaries will be recited, candles will be lit and special Masses will be held throughout the Catholic world.

I even fear for my own personal safety.

But, somebody, somewhere, sometime had to confess the blatantly obvious, yet never spoken, unadulterated truth.

The worst mascot in all of sports is the University of Notre Dame’s wimpy little leprechaun.

The Fighting irish's Leprechaun Mascot

(Ahhh…it’s out! And what a relief God’s proverbial lightning hasn’t yet struck me dead!)

What’s up with this miniature beanpole clad in ridiculous kelly green shorts, knee high argyles, stevedor hat and all too corny corn cob pipe?

An Abomination to the Catholic Faith

What’s he weigh in at? Maybe 97 pounds soaking wet. If this isn’t an abomination to the Catholic faith!

This Irish pipsqueak doesn’t look like he’s fighting; rather, he looks as if he’s shaking in his shamrocks every time he takes to the field.

Exactly who’d this little tike beat out for the mascot job? Some 90 year old nun? I doubt if he could even intimidate a Telletubby.

Enough of this blasphemy! The Fighting Irish need a real mascot like a bear, wolf, tiger, shark or some carnivorous creature spewing fire and brimstone.

Otherwise, the University of Notre Dame’s little greenie weenie will always get my vote, and probably every other sports fan’s, as the worst mascot in sports.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

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