2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Steph Curry’s Unnecessary Game 1 Flexing

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

My 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog may border on the sacrilegious for some hoops fans.

More than likely, it’ll offend basketball purists and prompt an onslaught of hate mail for its publication.

Scorners, especially from Northern California, will unleash venomous rebuttals, while excoriating me and, in all likelihood, unsubscribing from my blog.

But, the truth needs to be told. His action was totally unnecessary.

While watching last night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder, I finally witnessed reigning NBA MVP, and my favorite NBA player, Stephen Curry do something unsettling on the basketball court.

No, I’m not referring to his annoying habit of gnarling his dangling mouthpiece.

Nor am I citing his seven turnovers in last night’s game or his quick trigger on a number of long range missed shots that we’ve all grown accustomed to his making.

What unnerved me was the spaghetti armed Curry flexing his anemic muscles. He preened unnecessarily after inexplicably converting an off-balance circus shot while bouncing off the stout defending 7 foot and 265 lb. OKC center Steve Adams.

Curry’s brief Herculean pose at the 4:59 minute mark of the first quarter may have been innocently dismissed by chuckling TNT announcers.

However, mark my words. It did not go unnoticed by Thunder players or fans like me who look for salient, motivating moments in big games or important series.

Come on, Steph, did you have to flex your scrawny biceps?

Was it necessary? You’re better than – even if your probable NBA Finals rival LeBron James has been known to pose in similar fashion.

Steph Curry’s Unforeseen Flex in NBA Western Conference Finals

Curious if Thunder Coach Billy Donovan makes mention of Curry’s unforeseen flex in the next team meeting.

Or, was the unexpected pose witnessed by all of his squad’s players and seared in their psyches as more motivation to knock Curry and his talented Warriors team off their NBA perch?

Am I over-reacting? Maybe.

Will Curry’s pose provide some locker room chatter? Probably.

Did the Thunder’s much taller and brawnier players witness the NBA MVP’s momentary preening posture? Of course.

And, will Curry’s action galvanize the underdog Thunder in Game 2. Absolutely!

Bad move, Steph, but you’re still my favorite NBA player.

And that’s my 2 cents.

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