2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: NBA Vet Big Ticket Kevin Garnett

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

It’s time for someone in sports media to metaphorically punch the Big Ticket squarely in his potty mouth. And, I think that someone is me.

A cantankerous Kevin Garnett is at it again.

So, in today’s first ever 2 Cent Tuesday post, here’s my take, or should I say, two cents!

Once again, the recently reunited Minnesota Timberwolves player emerged unscathed from intense media scrutiny for instigating another bruhaha on the basketball court.

Last night Garnett needlessly barked, snarled and dissed young Los Angeles Clippers guard Austin Rivers.

Even at the ripe old age of 38, the 15-time NBA All-Star still can’t keep his profanity laced motor-mouth shut. Nor, can the irritating 7-footer refrain from fomenting what amounts to nothing more than cat fights on the court.

A supposedly wizened 20-year NBA vet, Garnett not only brought a wealth of NBA experience to the Minneapolis team. With last night’s altercation, it was evident that the bean pole forward has also carried his crotchety disposition and pointless proclivity to antagonize.

With career lows this NBA season of 6.8 ppg, 6.8 rpg and 1.6 apg, Garnett’s skills have noticeably waned, However, his prickly personality has remained the same.

And, sadly, the media has allowed the skinny Kevin to skate.

The Big Ticket may be a former NBA MVP, Olympic gold medalist and NBA champion. But, he’s the still the same irritant that so many fans outside Minneapolis and Boston have grown to detest.

Over the years, Garnett has been involved in well documented scuffles with NBA rivals Al Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, Udonis Haslem, Matt Bonner and Quentin Richardson that he started.

Also, he’s head butted Dwight Howard, bitten Joakin Noah, elbowed Zaza Pachulia, slapped Tim Dunca, refused to shake hands with former teammates and even engaged in a war of petty words with Carmelo Anthony.

However, the wily vet has never followed through on his toothless taunts and vaporous threats. He initiates trouble, backpedals quickly while pointing and constantly jibber jabbers, as he did last with the young Rivers, without ever intending the actually mix it up.

Too bad Garnett never poked the wrong NBA bear during his career.

Imagine him shoving Bill Laimbeer or the late Anthony Mason.

Picture him pushing Reggie Evans or Karl Malone.

Think about him threatening Moses Malone or the late Maurice Lucas.

Fancy him picking a fight with David West, Andrew Bogut or the guy once known as Ron Artest.

Now that would be interesting, but it would NEVER happen.

That’s because the Big Ticket would certainly know that he would be punched squarely in his potty mouth – not metaphorically – but physically with a real fist!

That’s my two cents!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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