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Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog begs for a direct response from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and ESPN analyst Chris Carter’s  “fall guy” comments.

It appears as if Goodell’s very own Park Avenue Posse in New York City’s NFL offices has already covered for the Commish by denouncing Chris Carter’s reckless comments in a predictable prepared statement.

However, the embattled NFL Commissioner should have immediately addressed Carter’s irresponsible words which were housed for the past year on the league’s very own web site.

Instead, he allowed his high priced public relations “fall guys” do it for him.

At a 2014 NFL rookie symposium, the ESPN NFL analyst suggested that young players entering the league should have a designated “fall guy” to take the blame for immature and criminal behavior that will certainly surface at some time in their young lives as professional athletes.

What? Are you serious, Chris Carter? What were you thinking to utter such foolishness to impressionable young men?

Did you ever think to share your checkered history of drugs and alcohol and the deleterious effects they brought upon you, your family and even your teammates?

Imagine, if you still had your own “fall guy” as you propose? You would probably have never kicked your dependency problems nor enjoyed the excellent career as an ESPN analyst.

“Fall guys” are for cowards who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for mistakes.

Chris Carter should have implored players to surround themselves with people who won’t allow them to be in positions to get in trouble in the first place.

Carter’s reprehensible remarks are wrong.

However, Roger Goodell’s silence on this trending story is worse.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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