2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Dez Bryant & Diva NFL WRs

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogDez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys proves once again that no other position in professional sports produces more me-first, egotistical personalities than the NFL wide receiver.

Bryant gave Cowboy Nation an ultimatum that should he not receive a max contract by tomorrow afternoon, he will miss training camp and NFL games.

He tweeted that Jerry Jones needs to dig deeper into his wallet and pay the self-centered Bryant what he thinks he deserves.

Seems as if we’ve heard this tiresome selfish scenario before involving fleet footed and / or sure handed NFL receivers.

That’s why running a sub 4.4 second 40-yard dash directly into today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog is none other than the overall category of wide-mouthed wide-outs I call diva wide receivers!

Their tantalizing talent, elusiveness in the open field, raw athleticism and ability to catch the ball in traffic in a variety of ways make these NFL players worthy of ESPN headlines they receive.

However, what NFL fans cannot stand is the boorish behavior, petty pouting, childish on-field antics and tiresome off-field self-promotion of these celebrated gridiron divas.

They always think they’re open – whether in zone coverage, man-to-man defense, cover 2, in a phone booth, under a mattress or locked in a bank vault.

These narcissistic split ends just can’t shun the spotlight.

Retired wide receiver divas Chris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson not only hauled in touchdown passes. They also caught just as much grief for their blathering on and off the field.

The new breed of self-absorbed NFL divas like Bryant feel obligated to selfishly monopolize center stage in the ultimate team sport.

It’s doubtful that this new crop of divas will ever leave their marks of excellence and professional on the field like NFL all-pro pass catchers Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson.

Instead, they’ll need to be seen and heard in their uniquely irritating and boastful ways.

Unfortunately, the NFL Draft annually produces a new selection of egotistical split-ends each year.

With the annual draft and the emergence of other physically gifted, but highly talkative types like Bryant, the diva era of wide-mouthed wide-outs will never wane in the NFL.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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