2 Cent Tuesday: Peyton Manning Retires at the Right Time

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Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday post focuses on Peyton Manning’s retirement.

Unequivocally, the time is right for The Sheriff to walk away from the game that he so eloquently said he reveres.

Yesterday, #18 shared with an expecting sports world that his Super Bowl 50 victory was his last game as an NFL player.

Everyone applauded his moving retirement speech and no one, sports fan or not, should disagree with his decision.

Without doubt, it was time for the record holding QB and ubiquitous product spokesman to call it quits.

Manning’s eroding physical skills had become increasingly evident.

Increased risk of injury had become too risky for the 39 year-old.

And, specious accusations about PED usage and an unnecessary media circus surrounding unsealed court documents from an out-of-court settled civil suit from 20 years ago, whether true or not, were weighing heavily on the man with the seemingly untouchable reputation.

Today’s blog does not address any of the accusations, nor does it analyze the QB’s declining productivity.

Rather, my 2 Cent Tuesday post recognizes the remarkable player that football fans grew to respect even if manning was the one vanquishing their favorite team.

NFL QB Peyton Manning

Former Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning

As sports fans, let’s all acknowledge Peyton Manning for stepping away at the right time – while on top as a Super Bowl Champion and as a great leader who understood that his leadership was no longer exercised by exhibiting physical strength or ability. But, the QB’s true leadership was now being derived from the mental, psychological and emotional imprimatur he shared with his Denver Broncos teammates.

Peyton Manning: Certain Football Hall of Fame Inductee

Yes, Manning furnished the football world with spectacular seasons during his 18 year career. A certain Football Hall of Fame inductee when he comes eligible in 2022, The Sheriff rides off into the sunset as one of the best to ever play the sport.

Sure, as a five-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl Champion, Manning departs holding many league records. Among the most impressive are career passing yards (71,940), career touchdown passes (539), single season passing yards (5,477), single season touchdown passes and most overall victories to include playoff wins by a QB (200).

However, the former Colt and Bronco may be best remembered for swallowing his pride and recognizing that his team’s defensive prowess, and not his aging physical offensive skills, would win Super Bowl 50.

Manning deferred to Von Miller and the Broncos’ D as the team’s stars. He accepted his role as an older, experienced QB who would not give away the Broncos’ chances to win games by trying to be who he once was. He realized he could no longer impose his will offensively to win games for the team.

#18 changed his style, accepted his new paradigm and was richly rewarded with a Vince Lombardi Trophy for actions.

Congrats to Peyton Manning for recognizing that it was time for one of the most admired players in NFL history to call it a career.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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