2 Cent Tuesday: I Opted Out of NBA Free Agency!

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Hey, NBA fans, in today’s 2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog, I must confess.

I opted out.

That’s right! A few weeks ago, I officially opted out of following this summer’s NBA free agency.

Sure, I am diehard NBA fan, and I want to know the salient facts about who’s signing with whom, for how long and for what price.

But, I have purposely emancipated myself from all the other nonsense. I’ve extricated myself completely from poring over the ubiquitous melodrama, 24/7 speculation and irrelevant details offered daily in over inflated ESPN, Bleacher Report and Yahoo Sports coverage.

Last year’s non-stop media circus concerning 2015 NBA free agent signings totally exhausted me. If you recall, it was mostly sophomoric tabloid fodder that only stirred my embers of angst directed at incomprehensible contracts, petty player differences and untested young men being elevated to sports deity.

So, I simply opted out and haven’t watched, read or discussed this summer’s Kim Kardashian style NBA coverage at all.

Few would argue that today’s NBA free agency stories seem more like TMZ and National Inquirer headlines than sports news. They’ve become as predictable as Draymond Green whining after a call, Manu Ginobli flopping after contact and Andre Drummond bricking most of his free throws.

Sports media outlets now wallow in innuendo and high school gossip with the same vigor as Entertainment Tonight.

I just don’t care what Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook last discussed before KD bolted to the Golden State Warriors.

It doesn’t bother me that I would need to Google what little known NBA bench players Tyler Johnson and Jerryd Bayless actually accomplished in their careers to warrant insane, eight figure per season free agent contracts.

And, I don’t pity the New York Knicks for wasting $72 million over four years to sign Joakim Noah – the aging, woeful shooting, oft-injured former Chicago Bull center.

So, not my problem if Dwyane Wade doesn’t re-sign with the Miami Heat. Who cares that the ever irascible, but wildly talented Rajon Rondo signed with the Chicago Bulls? And, what difference does it make what the Philadelphia 76ers do because they’ll continue being a league doormat for the foreseeable future.

I don’t care what ESPN reports, Bleacher Report bloviates or even tiny SB Nation shares in their short paragraph length articles.

That’s because I opted out! And, that’s my 2 cents!

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