2 Cent Tuesday: NFL Week 4 Trending Stories

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogOnce again, sports fans will get their money’s worth out of today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog which chronicles NFL Week 4 trending stories.

There’s just so much to vent about. Here are my top 10 picks.

1. Rex Ryan – What would NFL fans do if they didn’t have the new Buffalo Bills coach to kick around? The blathering Bills coach’s ridiculous remark this weekend centered on how proud he was of his team’s effort in a recent loss to the New York Giants. Really,Rex? Proud of what – an inability to remain focused? Maybe if you were a better coach, your squad wouldn’t have been so undisciplined that it committed 17 penalties in its last game.

2. Cam Chancellor – In spite of an awesome, though still controversial, play last night on the Detroit Lions’ star WR Calvin Johnson, the All-Pro safety does not need to sign a new contract. Chancellor recently inked a generous contract extension that still has three years remaining. Chancellor needs to honor the already lucrative contract he signed and just concentrate on what he does best which is to disrupt NFL offenses.

3. Cam Newton – This ridiculously talented Carolina Panthers QB needs to watch game film of his excessive preening every time he makes a play. Opposing defenses certainly aren’t fans of Newton’s cocky finger pointing, shimmy shakes and Superman poses. Just waiting for some NFL defender, who is not a Newton fan, to lay some wood on the gifted, but overly self-aggrandizing Panther QB.

4. Chip Kelly – It’s too easy to pile on here, but when will this college coach rid his playbook of all the gimmicks that don’t work in the NFL and recognize he has the most talented back in the league in DeMarco Murray who should be getting more than 10 touches per game?

5. Miami Dolphins – So much expectation swirled around South Florida to start the season. Now, so much angst amongst Dolphins fans, players and NFL insiders. All are venting about the talented team’s lackluster efforts and dismal 1 – 3 start after Fins’ owner plunks down millions for a non-performing, highly over-paid players.

6. Ray Lewis – Great player to watch, but it’s just painful to listen to #52 preach to listeners during NFL broadcasts. Why doesn’t ESPN teach the former Raven simple elocution as well as the fundamental utilization of basic words in the English vocabulary.

7. Dallas Cowboys – Say good-bye to the 2015 season, Jerry Jones. Without its big three from 2014, injured Tony Romo and Dez Bryant and struggling Philadelphia Eagle DeMarco Murray, it’s highly doubtful the Boys will be back for the remainder of this campaign.

8. Cleveland Browns – Even without Johnny Football under center this past weekend, the Browns are still a punch line. After a valiant effort to tie the game late in the fourth quarter, the Browns’ defense kicked themselves in the foot with a silly off-sides penalty, allowing the errant San Diego Chargers’ kicker another shot at a game winning field goal.

9. Bad 1 – 3 teams – The 49ers are bad, the Jaguars are worse, but the Buccaneers are simply awful even with all the hype surrounding overall 1st pick Jameis Winston.

10. Cincinnati Bengals – Led by the Red Rifle Andy Dalton, the Bengals are stomping opponents. Yet, few football talking heads are focusing on the team’s enviable start. That’s because they are needlessly overlooking the team’s brilliant play and already speculating a playoff collapse. Ugh!

NFL Week 4 may have provided ample story lines for football fans to vigorously digest and, amazingly, Tom Brady and the Patriots (the team had a bye) never made my list.

MIKE sports comic - New England Patriots QB Tom BradyPlus, only 25% of the regular season has been completed for most teams.

Just think how much more football fodder will arise for NFL fans to dissect, debate and debunk with Brady back in action and tons more games ahead this 2015 season.

That’s why I love this game! And, that’s my 2 cents!

MIKE on Sports!

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