2 Cent Tuesday: NFL Playoffs Spur Chippy Chatter

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog chronicles some of the unnecessary chippy chatter surfacing from last weekend’s NFL Playoff.

Normally, trash talk in sports directly involves player to player confrontations.

However, this past weekend unveiled a new type of smack deriving from athletes and a highly respected coach. The crude comments were oddly directed at an NFL official, an NFL team beat reporter and a no holds barred diatribe foolishly aimed at an opponent.

I’m curious how the league’s front office will handle the reckless, abusive comments belched by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett and Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.

Steelers’ Coach Mike Tomlin’s Rash Remarks

And, I’m watching closely how much Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin’s rash remarks and profanity laced tirade will be employed as motivating fodder for the New England Patriots when the two teams meet this coming weekend in the AFC Title Game coincidentally in New England.

As a lifetime sports fan, I’ve always been intrigued by how sportscasters and sportswriters cover games and what coaches say to their players to buoy their spirits or instill them with confidence.

That’s why these three cases of what I call chippy chatter compelled me to pen this piece and offer my 2 cents today.

NFL Needs to Fine or Suspend Bennett & Kelce

Both Michael Bennett and Travis Kelce need to fined and suspended. They just didn’t vent their angst toward an undeserving reporter and referee respectively. They both did it with venom and stepped way over the line in criticizing guys who were just doing their jobs.

Bennett cursed crudely and repeatedly and, in my opinion, threatened the reporter who is tasked with asking the Seahawks questions after games.

Not unlike Bennett, Kelce demeaned and disparaged an NFL official for his holding penalty that negated the Chief’s tying two-point conversion late in the game. He boorishly went so far to say the ref shouldn’t even be allowed to work at Foot Locker where hourly employees sport black and white stripe referee shirts.

Before spewing their post game obscenities, maybe Bennett and Kelce should have both reflected on their individual performances in Sunday’s losses.

Each player could have performed better. Bennett recorded just three overall tackles and Kelce dropped a key third quarter pass that would advanced his team to the red zone, and he was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct costing his team 15 yards.

Oddly, it was Mike Tomlin’s surprising statements that piqued my attention. Not knowing there was a hot mic in the room, the successful Steelers coach revealed a side of himself few fans have seen in this supposed man of faith.

Tomlin skewered the Steelers’ next opponent the New England Patriots with an onslaught of profanity and utter contempt. Wow! Not what you would want your players saying to rev up a future opponent let alone a former Super Bowl winning coach.

Don’t think the NFL front office will adjudicate on the Tomlin situation.

However, the best punishment Tomlin can receive for his totally uncalled for braggadocio is for him and his Steelers to be humbled in Foxborough this coming weekend by the now eerily quiet Patriots.

And, that’s my 2 cents on last weekend’s NFL Playoffs chippy chatter.

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