2 Cent Tuesday: NBA Got It Wrong to Not Suspend Draymon Green

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Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog will more than likely kick Golden State Warriors star Draymon Green right in his %@$#!

That’s because my post cites the obvious and exposes the NBA’s poor and unequal decision making.

After ruling that Cleveland Cavaliers’ back-up Dahntay Jones must sit out a game in the Eastern Conference Finals for punching Toronto Raptors’ center Bismack Biyombo in the family jewels, the league dramatically reversed course.

The NBA got it wrong, very wrong, by not doling out similar judgment and not suspending Draymon Green for kicking OKC Thunder center Steven Adams in his unmentionables.

Same area of the body effected, same body parts accosted, but not the same unbiased verdict on the NBA ruling.

After scrutinizing Green’s actions from infinite angles and countless slow motion replays, the NBA powers-that-be opted to fore go suspending Green for his apparently obvious, direct kick to Adams’ private area.

The ruling begs me to ask.

Who comprised the NBA disciplinary committee that adjudicated on Green’s blatant cheap shot? Bill Laimbeer? Charles Oakley? Or, maybe former Warriors’ Rick Barry, Wes Unseld Al Attles?

Is the NBA serious?

How do you make journeyman reserve Jones sit out a game for a sneaky punch to the privates and overlook rising star Green’s overt, flailing kick to Adams’ groin?

Do television ratings wield such influence in league offices to prompt such an illogical and wrong conclusion?

Did league officials actually watch the same video replays we all witnessed?

Known for his animated personality, pesky defense and high energy game, Draymond Green stirs up controversy every time he takes to the NBA hardwood.

A highly intelligent and immensely skilled player, Green has made a huge impact in his three brief years in the NBA. He can defend multiple positions, handle the ball like a guard, shoot the three, pass off the dribble and, also, aggravate the heck out of opposing players and fans alike.

A Defining Moment in Draymon Green’s Career

Sunday night’s kick to Adams’ cojones will stand as a defining moment in Green’s young career. There’s no going back, no removing his size 16 sneakers from Adams’ groin and no rewinding the video of his seemingly intentional action.

What matters most to Green now is to keep his ever motoring mouth shut, play as hard as he always does and lead his team to victory.

Green got a mulligan from the NBA for his unnecessary action.

Let’s hope he’s learned his lesson.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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