2 Cent Tuesday: I’m Ticked Off, NFL QB Cam Newton!

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog echoes my strong opinion on this past weekend’s NFL officiating brouhaha involving Ed Hochuli and Cam Newton.

Let me begin by saying to NFL All-Pro QB Cam Newton that I’m ticked off!

Yes, Cam Newton, I’m perturbed that you would discredit the NFL’s most respected referee with your hallow words.

Yes, Cam Newton, I’m agitated that you expect me, and other NFL fans, to take you seriously when you preen so confidently in a camouflage tuxedo top at a post game press conference and make accusations that cannot be corroborated.

Yes, Cam Newton, I’m aghast that you claim to be baffled by a successful attorney’s words when he is widely acknowledged by players, coaches and other NFL refs as the best in his profession.

And, yes, Cam Newton, I am amused that you think I actually believe you.

As a football fan who has followed your career since you foolishly put your very own name on a laptop you stole while a back-up QB at the University of Florida in 2008, I’ve had your number.

I’ve tracked your running quickly out of Gainesville and directly to Mississippi’s Blinn College just ahead of the University of Florida’s Student Council Committee’s formal investigation of three academic cheating allegations filed against you.

I’ve nauseated over your father, “Bishop” Cecil Newton, and his very questionable dealings with university boosters at Mississippi State University and Auburn University in purportedly negotiating your valued quarterbacking services at both campuses.

I’ve groaned over social media posts documenting your philandering and strip club frequenting while expecting us to respect you as a trustworthy, soft spoken man with Christian values.

And, I’ve watched your selfish Super Man antics complete with shirt ripping touchdown celebrations.

Your delusional belief that NFL fans actually agree with you on this Hochuli imbroglio will continue to lead to your unraveling.

Yes, your self-aggrandizement is your kryptonite.

NFL officiating guru Mike Pereira may have appropriately supported his contemporary Ed Hochuli following your ridiculous accusation that NFL microphones, other players or even accomplished lip readers could confirm.

However, ESPN’s Woody Paige may have best summarized a majority of the fans’ take on your being “ticked off” by calling you out on last night’s Around the Horn and telling you to “grow up!”

Well said, Woody, and I expect few football fans will disagree.

Please grow up, Cam Newton, because I’m ticked off that you actually think I believe you. When will you be apologizing to those you think you duped?

Grow up and be the man you want us to think you are!

And that’s my 2 cents!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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