2 Cent Tuesday: The Future of OKC’s Kevin Durant

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Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog begs basketball fans to refrain from asking NBA superstar Kevin Durant the obvious question.

Well, at least for now.

Less than an hour after the Thunder’s crushing defeat to the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, an eager reporter asked the pending free agent the obvious, overzealous and insensitive question about where he expects to play in his next NBA season.

As witnessed on tape, a collective gulp echoed throughout the room as soon as the needless question was uttered.

What bothers me is why did the question need to be asked last night?

Sure, the reporter’s question will completely consume the thoughts of OKC Thunder fans until Durant determines his fate of where he’ll play next year.

But, did the query need to be asked at that particular moment?

See ESPN For Video of Last Night’s Press Conference

Click HERE to see ESPN video from last night’s post-game conference.

I’m a big fan of locker room access to players.

However, I’m a bigger advocate of journalistic professionalism, sensitivity in sports and never pricking the hearts of athletes when they’re at their nadir emotionally.

The reporter should have backed off on a question that could easily be asked a day later.

Absolutely, it was right question to ask. However, directing it at a player after his team’s crushing, series ending defeat was the wrong time to ask the question – especially when it involves a star player’s free agency.

Rather, since basketball is a team sport, the reporter should have focused on the game and not on a star player’s financial future.

The scribe should have allowed Durant to mourn over his team’s epic squandering of a commanding 3 to 1 series lead over the defending NBA champs.

He should have let KD cry a bit for once again coming so close to another NBA Finals that he may never see in his future.

That’s right, the eager beaver should have afforded him room to blame and kick himself privately as most elite, team oriented athletes are prone to do.

And, he should have given him a chance to breath instead of jumping on the freshly showered 27 year-old, so that he could be the journalist who got the scoop.

Having spent all nine years of his NBA career in Oklahoma City where it appears the 7x all-star enjoyed success both on and off the court, Durant’s re-signing with OKC would be my guess.

In closing, I admire Durant’s poise and maturity in how he sat nobly at the post-game podium and answered reporters’ questions.

That’s right! Even the unnecessary, insensitive one about his soon-to-be-highly debated free agency future.

Right question. Wrong time.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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