2 Cent Tuesday: Five Trending Sports Stories

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday blog summarizes my stance on five stories trending today in the world of sports.

Remember, it’s my blog, and these are my opinions. But, I’m always open to hearing what you have to say, so email me your comments.

LeBron James – Please leave him alone. Arguably the best player in the game today, LBJ has now been to six NBA Finals in a row.

Unfortunately for James, though his Cleveland Cavaliers are good, the Golden State Warriors are simply better. Much better.

Applaud the four-time NBA MVP for leading his team to the NBA Finals again. Let’s not denigrate an awesome player and remember it’s a seven game series.

Aqib Talib – Doesn’t it seem as if trouble somehow seems to fund this fella? Curious how hard the NFL Commissioner’s office will come down on Talib for another knuckle headed moment.

Reckless behavior has sadly become the norm, instead of the exception, in this talented Denver Broncos’ life.

A hefty fine and suspension may shake the talented DB out of his unwarranted behavior pattern and remind him that nothing good ever happens when you stay out after midnight.

Kimbo Slice – The death of 42 year-old Kevin Ferguson, aka Kimbo Slice, shocked sports fans and those who knew the giant MMA fighter with the gentle spirit.

Though police have initially indicated that no foul was expected in Slice’s death, it seems odd to me that an elite fighter with no apparent illness would suddenly pass away at age 42.

Expect more news to come. Sad day for MMA fans as well as family and friends of the likeable Slice.

Draymond Green – His current play may earn him MVP honors in this year’s NBA Finals. However, most basketball fans will first remember him, unless he changes fast, as an ever whining, needlessly exuberant cheap shot on the hardwood.

Here’s hoping Green’s personal maturity catches up with his high level of seasoned play as a rising NBA star.

Muhammad Ali – Love this iconic boxer and admire his immense impact on so many peoples’ lives around the world.

However, it’s evident that an adoring media has glossed over the inexplicable, dark of Muhammad Ali’s life. Fawning reporters, especially those at ESPN, have failed to chronicle Ali’s extensive relationship with Nation of Islam founder, convicted murderer and black supremacist Elijah Muhammad.

Makes me think about what a young, impressionable Ali was thinking about to align with the repugnant Elijah Muhammad.

Happy that Ali severed the relationship and moved on to become the person who affected millions across the globe.

And, that’s me 2 cents on these five stories trending today in sports.

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