2 Cent Tuesday: Did NFL QB RG III Step Out of Bounds

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog raises the question whether or not Washington Redskins’ QB Robert Griffin stepped out of bounds with his recent comments to the media.

Yesterday, the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner answered questions about his personal health and his team’s forecast for the forthcoming season by boldly stating that he is the NFL’s best quarterback.

Yes, that’s right, RG III said best.

Not one of the best, but best – as in better than four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, NFL career TD passing record holder Peyton Manning, two-time league MVP Aaron Rodgers, super-talented Cam Newton and my favorite NFL signal caller Russell Wilson, who has made back-to-back trips to the Super Bowl.

Brazen, shocking, reckless, cocky, foolish or “shaking some trees in an effort to jump start a languishing franchise bold” are some of the adjectives that may best describe Griffin’s comments.

Yes, I believe the beleaguered QB stepped waaaaay out of bounds with his recent remarks in order to motivate his team and re-establish himself as the essential leader needed to restore the franchise to prominence.

No, I don’t think Griffin is cocky or foolish. But, I believe his words showed premeditated, but calculated risk. And, I admire his gamble.

QB Robert Griffin IIIBut, will it work?

Rewinding the football clock, I immediately liked RG III the first time he caught my eye in a Baylor Bears uniform in 2010.

Like so many other football fans, I gushed over the kid with the infectious personality, surreal athleticism and exceptional poise. It was easy to believe that he would instantly become one of the NFL’s most promising new stars.

And, for one season, he did!

However, injuries and team personnel issues hampered Griffin his next two seasons after suffering LCL and ACL tears in 2012 and a badly dislocated ankle in 2013.

The injuries forced the 2012 NFL offensive Rookie of the Year and 2013 Pro Bowl selection to struggle mightily and, at times, completely miss games.

Griffin’s numbers in every major statistical category – games played, wins, attempts, completions and rushing yards – fell off a cliff and the once surging DC area franchise he led into the 2012 NFL Playoffs posted a lackluster 4 – 12 record last year.

Yet, RG III was confidently quoted as believing he was the best QB in the NFL. Sure, I both admire and question his spunk for speaking so audaciously.

And, like so many other football fans, I’m pulling for his return to excellence on the field he so effortlessly ran around as a spectacular NFL rookie.

However, RG III needs to quietly go about his business. He needs to lead by example by winning games, not challenging criticism and avoiding outrageous proclamations like “I’m the best NFL QB” at all costs.

If he keeps his trap shut, his eyes open for improvement and his amazingly athletic body in the pocket more often, the electric QB will bounce back with a bang that will resonate throughout the league.

Yes, if he heeds his coaches’ advice, RGIII will once again hurdle over all would-be competitors to become one of the NFL’s better quarterbacks.

Maybe not thee best NFL quarterback, but one of the better QB’s.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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