2 Cent Tuesday: Bye Bye, Boogie!

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Bye bye, Boogie!

Farewell, DeMarcus Cousins.

Sayonara, adios, auf wiedersehen, see ya!

Can we help you pack? Happy to see you go. Need a ride to the airport? Wow, the energy around here sure feels lighter.

That’s what Sacramento Kings fans are singing, chanting and discussing in Northern California.

After vehemently denying that they would never trade Kings’ gifted center DeMarcus Cousins, Owner Vivek Ranadive and General Manager Vlade Divac consummated a deal to send the mercurial All-Star to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Though many NBA fans think the Pelicans got the better deal in this transaction, I beg to differ. Distancing themselves from the immensely talented, ridiculously immature and painfully un-coachable Cousins is exactly what the Kings need at this juncture in franchise history.

Kings fans are happy. It’s even been reported that even team mascot Slamson the Lion did cartwheels upon hearing the news of the Boogie trade.

As a result of the surprising trade, the Kings can now rebuild. They can move forward without bags full of colossal Cousins cargo constantly weighing them down. The franchise publicly struggled over the past several years while waiting for Boogie to finally grow up. However, he never did and now that’s the Pelicans’ challenge.

Sacramento Kings Fans Believed This Would Be a Break Out Year

Following an impressive gold medal winning performance in Brazil last summer while being around consummate basketball professionals like Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and others, the Kings management waxed optimistic. Ranadive and Divac, along with hoards of expectant Sacramento fans, believed this would be a break out year for the club.

However, arguably one of the league’s top ten talents, Cousins failed to step up as the leader his team required. Sadly, Boogie continued to display poor judgment in how he acted on and off the court.

In addition to recording a league-leading 17 technical fouls, Boogie hit rock bottom with a public display of unsportsmanlike behavior by flipping off Golden State Warriors fans following a recent Kings upset over the NBA’s best team.

If you’re the owner of an NBA club, that’s not the type of behavior you want to see from a pending free agent whom you’ll probably need to pay upwards of $200M to keep in a Kings jersey. An easy choice to jettison the Boogie flotsam if you ask me.

Good luck in New Orleans, Boogie. It’ll be intriguing to watch you team up with another Kentucky alum Anthony Davis. Get close to the mature Unibrow.

Learn from your mistakes. Follow AD’s good mentoring. Work with him to be a leader, too, from whom your new Pelicans teammates can follow.

It’s a new day in NOLA for you. Make the most of it! But, for now. Bye bye, Boogie!

And, that’s my 2 Cents.

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