2 Cent Tuesday Blog Calls Out ESPN MNF’s John Gruden and Mike Tirico

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog calls out ESPN MNF’s John Gruden and Mike Tirico.

Both talking heads failed to recognize the chip on Baltimore Ravens’ WR Steve Smith, Sr.’s shoulder pads as bolder-size arrogance that needs to be addressed.

Without doubt, the seemingly ageless 36 year-old receiver, who leads all active NFL players in career all-purpose yards, is enjoying one of the best seasons on his stellar 15-year NFL resume.

Steve Smith, Jr’s Lifetime Hit List

However, Smith’s excessive jawing with rival defenders and irresponsible threats aimed at those he adds to his supposed “lifetime hit list” have grown tiresome. And, ESPN MNF’s John Gruden and Mike Tirico remained silent.

The talented Raven plays for a 1 – 6 team with no apparent potential at this time of the season to make the playoffs. Yet, #89 continually chirps on and off the football, while effortlessly amassing new grudges with opponents as he does accumulating more passing yards.

Football fans have got to admire the fearless, under-sized 5’9” wide-out’s ability to stretch defenses and make big plays. His impressive career stats of 956 catches, 13, 850 yards and 76 touchdowns should give us ample reasons to like the guy.

However, the jibber-jabbering Utah grad irks me and provides plenty of punch why I don’t care for this guy with the careless language.

Sure, he talks way too much. And, he celebrates every catch with the unbridled enthusiasm of a lab research assistant who just found the cure for an incurable, infectious disease.

Yet, the nauseating part of Smith’s shtick is his taunts. The mature 15-year vet behaves like a bully on the playground who wants to target anyone he thinks disrespects him or hits him too hard.

Just ask Denver Broncos’ Aqib Talib and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Mitchell. Along with many other of Smith’s defensive opponents over the years, Talib and and Mitchell made Smith’s list – that same list Gruden sheepishly remarked he also thought he made.

ESPN MNF’s Gruden & Tirico Fail to Speak Up

Come on, John Gruden and Mike Tirico, grow some stones as respected ESPN MNF’s sportscasters!

Why didn’t you speak up last night and decry the well-publicized “lifetime hit list” of the Ravens’ five-time Pro Bowl receiver?

Aren’t you both supposed to be respected journalists?

Why capitulate to the under-sized wide-mouthed, wide-out making all the threats?

Why continue feeding the bolder-size ego of an angry little guy with big plans to seek retribution on those making his “lifetime hit list?”

Remember, Smith was once quoted, “put on goggles because there will be blood and guts everywhere,” when referencing his former team the Carolina Panthers.

In light of the league’s steeled focus on domestic abuse and player safety, the NFL needs to also keep a watchful eye on the smoldering Smith and admonish him for his wayward words – because ESPN MNF’s John Gruden and Mike Tirico never did.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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