2 Cent Tuesday: Adios NBA “Big Fundamental” Tim Duncan

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Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog says adios to The Big Fundamental, Tim Duncan, my favorite NBA player of all-time.

Wish there were more athletes like Duncan. I am saddened that he’s hanging up his Adidas for the only team he ever knew, the San Antonio Spurs.

However, I agree that after 19 seasons, it’s time for the 40 year-old to call it quits.

Duncan retires as arguably the greatest power forward ever. Plus, he will be toasted as a former NBA great that did not hang on too long by stepping away at the right moment.

Kudos to Duncan for not draining the financial coffers of the Spurs and precluding the franchise from re-signing younger players and wooing coveted free agents.

A certain Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, Duncan enjoyed a brilliant NBA career that included 5 NBA titles, 2 NBA MVP awards and enviable personal statistics.

But, what endeared Timmy to basketball fans was his quiet demeanor and his excellent play which always spoke loudly whenever and wherever he took the court.

Tim Duncan: Consummate Team Player

The consummate team player, Duncan personified leadership. By allowing his play to speak, Duncan was admired throughout the NBA because teammates and opponents both recognized he was most instrumental in the Spurs’ unparalleled success.

The most staggering statistic of Duncan’s lengthy career is without doubt his regular season winning percentage of .710%. With a 1,072 – 438 record, Duncan’s accomplishment is the best in 19 years in professional sports, not just in the NBA, but in the MLB, NFL and NHL, too.

Duncan carried his reticent personality and cool, calm demeanor with him wherever he went. His quiet persona was evident in the manner in which he retired and emblematic, like an emphatic dunk, of the type of individual we’ve known him to be.

No fan fare, no farewell tour, no Players’ Tribune announcement, no ESPN special, no chest bump, no special dance in the huddle, no Twitter party and no “look at me, I’m packing it in” media circus.

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Sports MemorabiliaAdios, Big Fundamental Tim Duncan. Thanks for the memories.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

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