2 Cent Tuesday: Final Thoughts About NBA Finals

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses exclusively on my final thoughts on the NBA Finals and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ unprecedented comeback.

Here are my 2 cents:

LeBron James

A deserving NBA Finals MVP who not only demonstrated he’s still unquestionably the best all-around player on the planet. But, the 31 year-old superstar also showed that his resilience and maturity as a great leader.

The Chase Down Block

James’ now legendary, late fourth quarter chase down block on a seemingly certain Andre Iguodala lay up should be remembered as one of the greatest plays ever in a championship game in any sport. Give credit to James for never giving up on the play and utilizing incredible timing and athleticism to thwart Iguodala on this game altering play.

Ayesha Curry

Steph Curry’s Twitter happy beautiful wife went eerily silent following her ugly tweets after the Golden State Warriors dropped Game 6 in Cleveland. No more whining. No more senseless outbursts. And, no more conspiratorial theories on why her man’s team failed to win one out of their remaining three season games to clinch a back-to-back title. Thank you, Ayesha, for refraining from sharing your immature thoughts with the rest of the Twitterverse.

Steph Curry

Wow! The Golden State Warriors’ #30 actually looked human in the Cavs versus Warriors 7 game series. The two-time NBA MVP actually struggled at times shooting and even taking care of the ball. However, his most glaring weakness during the NBA Finals was unquestionably how badly he was exposed defensively on clever Cavaliers’ mismatches. Kudos to Cavs’ coach Tyronn Lue for recognizing Curry’s Achilles heel.

Kevin Love

Basketball fans just need to back off the guy and allow him to bask in his first title. Without doubt, the series also exposed Love’s defensive weaknesses and proved he just may not be the max player others thought he was. However, he’s a champion, and he played a part in bringing Cleveland its first title.

Draymond Green

His suspension more than likely cost the Warriors a chance to close out the series in Game 5 in Oakland. However, Green established himself as a star on the court. Plus, he earned my respect by the way he sought out and congratulated LeBron James after the series ended on Sunday evening.

Tyronn Lue

Just a terrific, story book ending to an otherwise awkward, seemingly ill-timed Cavaliers’ coaching change this season. Congrats to Lue who guided the Cavs to their first title in spite of operating under the shadow of LeBron James’s real or perceived influence. Also, happy to see how Lue handled the situation involving his friend, mentor and former boss David Blatt with maturity and class.

The City of Cleveland

Thanks for believing in your Cavaliers knowing your city had endured 53 years without an NFL, MLB or NBA championship. Sports fans everywhere (well, maybe not in Northern California) are celebrating with you and title starved cities like Buffalo, San Diego and Oklahoma City are buoyed with hope because of you. Congrats to the sports loving fans in Believeland for never giving up.

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NBA Store CavsAnd, that’s my 2 cents this Tuesday.

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