Friday Sports Funny: She’s Got Ice Water in Her Veins

MRO 67 She's Got Ice Water in Her VeinsToday’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the popular sports cliche – ice water in your veins!

When the score is tied in the waning moments of big games, possessing ice water in your veins will more than likely decide your team’s fate.

So, it’s a good thing to metaphorically have chilled water coursing through your body’s circulatory system.

And, for certain athletes, it’s a prerequisite.

NFL and NCAA college football kickers need it.

Clutch free throw shooters on NBA or NCAA college basketball teams require it.

MLB closers and late inning relief pitchers can’t live without it.

Soccer players lining up to take penalty kicks in an overtime match absolutely gotta have it.

The “it” we’re talking about here is the poise, courage and mental fortitude to block out every distraction and concentrate on the task at hand.

All athletes need this ability, which is acquired through discipline, endless hours of work, and constant testing of one’s mettle.

That’s right! Every athlete, regardless of the sport, absolutely must possess the “it” or ice water in their veins in order to excel at a critical time in a game– just like the young lady in the comic.

Appropriately named Frost in the above comic, #1 should calmly and effortlessly step up to the free throw line and known down the game winning shot.

That’s because metaphorically and literally, she’s got ice water in her veins!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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